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About me: Luisa

Hello people! Pleased to meet you, my name is Luisa, I'm only just one of thebloggers, still has the Mariana, Luize and Maria Eduarda (Duda known as!), I will write now about what I want to tell you, I write songs, and some will put them for you, I'll put some songs that I like to hear my favorite singers, I will write downsome tips for those who want to compose music, but do not know how, so I'll put some basic tips for you to know and downstairs after them I'll write about me!Here goes:

First, write a song, you have to express their feelings, talk about what you are feeling

Second, to interpret, assign, without using names of people is CLEAR!

Third, when you are, for example, "suffering for love," you play all the music, and when you are calmer, puts rhythm, fixes errors and such

Fourth: do not write what others feel, not what happened on the day, write for example, an event, if someone hurt your feelings, write, boat all out!

My name is Luisa, I have 12 years, I am happy, outgoing, gentle, caring, loving,cute, sometimes I have no patience, stubborn, sleepy, love my friends, love my family, compose music, write texts like dropping my imagination, like dancing,sometimes singing, jogging, swimming, tennis lOVE, do not really like football and basketball, I'm fanatical about Harry Potter (the entire saga, books and movies), I love the passion Demi Lovato (went to a show it this year), I love my life, I lovefashion, I hate fighting with my friends, I hate arguing with my mother and my father, I love animals, have a dog and a bird, like going to the park, love shopping, like going to the movies with my friends, I like taking pictures, I love God, and more,over time they will know more about me!


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