terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Think about it!

If you are a person who is afraid that you leave before your loved ones this text is perfect.

                If I die before you.
Cry all you want, but do not argue with God that he had taken me.
If you do not want to cry do not cry.
If you can not cry, do not worry.
If you want to laugh, laugh.
If some friends tell some fact about me, listen and add your version.
If I praise too, correct the overstatement.
If others criticize me, defend me.
If I want to make a saintjust because I died, I'd show a little saint, but was far froma balances.
If you want me to make a demonhe might have umpouco show it, but that the whole life tried to be a good friend.
If you miss talking to me, talk to Jesus that I hear.
I hope to be with it enough to continue being useful to you.
If you are willing to say something about me, just say'' was a phrase my friend,believed in me and wanted me closer to God. "
Then we shed a tear.
I will not be there to wipe it, but it does not hurtOther friends will do this in my place.
And he saw me and replaced'll take care of my new job in the sky.
But once in a while, take a peek in the direction of God.
You will not see mebut I would be very happy seeing you look at it.
And when it's your turn to go to paisem no veil that separates uswe live in God,the friendship with which we are prepared for it.
Pray quenos soubaque two live as one who will die one day and die as one whoknew how to live right.
Friendship only makes sense if it brings the sky to surprise the sky be your friend is a piece of it.
A friend is one soul inhabiting two bodies.

True friendship, comfort in sorrow, relieves the pain and become eternal with God.
kisses DUDA

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