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My music

Hello blackberries! I'm Louise and I'll post my composition I did, it was beautiful! As I said in my first post, you must have a LOT of inspiration for composing, writingcan not go at once! Well there you go, remember more, if you copy, I will report, as Iwrite it in a studio:

With you

The day is with the Sun
I'm happy
I'm in the clouds
Do not wanna wake up from this dream
If you leave me
I will be strong

You make me happy
It makes me different
As I was never
With you my day is illuminated
You protect me
With you I feel safe

At his side want to be '
With you wanna dream '
His laughter is a melody
His eyes are like the sea
With you my life is complete
Without you I'm nothing

My only inspiration is you
Yeah, you're my
Never leave you
You are my life
When I close my eyes I see you
When I look your eyes I see the stars in them

His eyes shine like the moon
Your hand comforts me
His embrace makes me happy
His jokes make me laugh
When I'm sad when you complete me
You're my half orange

All I remember you eye
Their defects make me shocked
But do not stop loving you
With you, you, you, you, yeahh
With you, you, you, you, yeahh
With you, you, you, you, yeahh

That's it folks, hope you enjoyed! Kisses!

In: Luisa

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